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Peak yellow

Another impromptu KAP session yielded another good look at the progress of Vermont's fall color.

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Fall from above

A quick KAP session might have captured the peak of the foliage near Fern Lake.

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Harry Hall's neighbors

I stitched several panoramas from photos taken during our Gustavus KAP flight.

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Ellie's Rokkaku

Here are some details of Ellie's Rokkaku.

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Aerobee Lite

A quick KAP flight in Gustavus, AK yielded a few nice panoramas

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Redstone Rig 2.0

The Redstone Rig has been redesigned from the ground up to be stronger and easier to use.

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KAPtery rigs at Ennapurna

Customers in Europe can now buy some KAPtery Kits from Ennapurna in France.

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