Gear for Kite Aerial Photography

 Buy kits, ready-to-fly rigs, or extra parts

Kits to build your own single- and dual-camera rigs for kite aerial photography or balloon aerial photography.

Complete packages of ready-to-fly aerial photography rigs with cameras: normal and/or near infrared.

SuspensionsSpare parts, and Accessories for aerial photography and infrared photography for vegetation analysis.


Free, Open Source Designs

Downloadable stl and skp files for 3D printing camera rigs for kite aerial photography and balloon aerial photography.

Printing and assembly instructions for building your own kite and balloon aerial photography rigs.



Bristol past its peak

After missing the peak color near Bristol, Vermont, I slipped in a quick kite flight between rain storms and made off with a very orange panorama.

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We do MooDoo

The Saturn V Rig captured some photos as MooDoo was being made.

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Breadloaf past its peak

It took two tries to get a little planet aerial panorama of the Breadloaf Campus.

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Landfill panoramas

The Saturn V Rig brought back 1000 photos which produced some nice stitched images.

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Flying a Canon EOS M

My first flight of the EOS M produced a vivid panorama despite some unexplained behavior.

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3D printed digital sundial

This digital sundial is an elegant example of something that exists only because of 3D printing.

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Aerobee flights in BC

The Aerobee Rig was flying in British Columbia, and also falling off the kite line.

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