Harry Hall's neighbors

We are checking the camera to see what it captured during the flight and are pleased to learn that 429 photos were taken. The camera was still shooting when the kite came down. Photo by Ellie.

During our KAP flight in Gustavus, the Aerobee Rig made a 360° rotation seven times and captured photos in every direction. The horizon and nadir were rarely included in the photos, and I was not able to stitch a single 360° panorama that looked very good. Below are several smaller panoramas of the neighborhood. The panoramas were stitched in Microsoft ICE and some stitching artifacts were then hidden in PhotoShop.

Sharman acres with KAPers in the shadows. This is cropped out of a stitch which included 10 photos that overlapped each other a lot. 

This stitch incorporates 18 photos and one of them almost included the nadir. When the tilt angle of the camera cannot change during the flight, you have to decide beforehand whether to include the horizon or the nadir in the photos. The angle I chose did not include either unless the rig was swinging.

The view out toward Icy Strait. Seven photos were included in the stitch, but the final panorama is not much bigger than a single photo. This is an unusual stitch for this flight because it includes the horizon. One of these photos was taken while the camera rig was swinging. So it was pure luck that the sky was included and that the photo was not blurry.

Eight photos were included in this stitch over Hank's garden. Had the wind not started to fade, I would have brought the kite down and gotten some closer views of the carrots and kale.

This wider view includes Hank's neighbors. The projection used here is "perspective," which stretches the outer edges of the scene.


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