Titan 2 IR S100


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This package is fully prepared for flight and configured for high quality dual-camera infrared kite-photography for infrared plant analysis. It includes everything in the Titan 2 Rig Kit and the Picavet or Pendulum (choose suspension above). Two used Canon PowerShot S100 cameras are included, plus a timer to precisely synchronize the shutters of both cameras. All components are prepared and ready to mount and connect for aerial photo missions.

One Canon S100 has had its infrared block filter replaced with a Wratten 87 polyester filter so it captures only pure near-infrared light.These cameras have been very lightly used, show almost no signs of wear, and have been completely tested and configured. The Canon S100 12 MP cameras included have an excellent feature set for kite and balloon photography:

  1. 1/1.7" sensor (72% larger area than most small PowerShots for less noise and better light sensitivity)
  2. CMOS sensor (less noise at higher ISO, so fast shutter speeds do not require maximum aperture, so photos are sharper)
  3. Shutter priority mode reduces motion blur (lock shutter speed at 1/800 second and aperture is automatically adjusted for correct exposure)
  4. Manual focus (lock focus on infinity)
  5. Crisp, fast lens (f/2.0 at the wide end) with iris diaphragm
  6. Custom preset (save all the settings for aerial shots and return to them anytime)
  7. Built in GPS (each photo records the lat., lon., and elevation of the camera for auto placement on maps or structure from motion)
  8. Can save native camera RAW files
  9. Digic V processor (fast and smart)
  10. Proprietary batteries (included, with chargers, make this a lightweight camera)
  11. Aluminum body (most small PowerShots are plastic)

To precisely synchronize the shutters of the cameras, an external timer is included. This is a modified MK111 timer, a 3D printed timer housing, a battery case (for 4 AAA alkaline batteries, not included), and cables to carry the 5 volt pulse from the timer to the USB ports of both cameras. Each camera includes a 4 GB SD card with CHDK installed and configured for synchronous remote shutter release. With the cameras connected and turned on, flip the switch on the battery case and the cameras will start shooting in perfect synchrony every eight seconds (adjustable from 2 to 60 seconds). CHDK runs automatically when the camera is powered on. Instructions are provided for modifying the settings.The SD cards will each hold about 1000 full resolution (12 MP) photos.

Also included is a single-camera tray which allows either camera to be flown solo in a lightweight rig. Both cameras  have a CHDK intervalometer script installed to trigger the shutter every several seconds.

Typical flying weight of entire rig and suspension with cameras and batteries: 700 grams.

A photo pair taken by Canon S100 cameras (RGB and NIR) and the false color IR and NDVI images derived from that pair. Click for a larger view with images reduced to 25% of the original resolution.

An infrared photo taken by the modified Canon S100 included in this package. A Wratten 87 filter replaces the internal IR block filter so only near infrared light reaches the sensor.