Titan 2 Rig Kit

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This kit builds a Titan 2 Rig which holds two small cameras pointed in the same direction for vegetation analysis (with normal and infrared cameras) or other applications for dual cameras. The raised lips at the back of the camera platforms allow both cameras (not included) to be easily attached and immediately aligned for capturing the same scene. The tilting tray allows oblique photography as well as vertical mapping photos. All camera controls and the LCD are always accessible. Twelve brackets allow quick attachment and removal of protective legs and bumpers (included). A single-camera tray is also included for converting the rig to function as a Redstone Rig for flying a lightweight rig with one camera. The Titan 2 Rig is easily attached to either a Picavet or Pendulum suspension, and requires one or the other for optimal operation. See the Titan 2 Rig Guide for more information.

Weight (with 4 tubing legs): 208 grams

Assembly time: 2 hours

Three package deals are available above:

Add a Picavet Kit for $14.00

Add a Pendulum Kit for $12.00

Add a Shutter Timer Kit for $21.00

This timer will synchronize the shutters of two CHDK enabled Canon PowerShots. Add a kit to build this timer in the drop-down menu above. A fully assembled and tested timer is also available.