Redstone Rig Kit Classic

$45.00 to $48.00

Price includes US shipping.

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This is the original Redstone Rig which has been replaced by the new Redstone Rig 2.0. It will be available at a discount while supplies last. It weighs about 20% less than the new Redstone Rig 2.0 and is therefore a very good solution for lightweight flying. Unlike the new Redstone Rig, this one requires drilling a hole for the tripod screw to mount your camera.

The Redstone Rig Kit includes all the pieces to build a ready-to-fly rig for holding a small point & shoot camera pointed at any angle. This includes four 3D printed parts and the hardware to hold them together. The articulated camera tray allows vertical shooting for mapping and also oblique photography with the rig balanced regardless of tilt angle. The camera (not included) is attached with a thumb screw (included) into the tripod socket so it stays securely pointed in the same direction. The camera controls and LCD screen are always accessible. Protective legs and bumpers (included) can be quickly configured in various ways for different needs. The rig can be easily suspended from the flying line using either a Picavet or pendulum system (select above).

Typical flying Weight: 154 grams

Weight with no legs or bumpers: 94 grams

Assembly time: 1.5 hours

See the Redstone Rig Guides for more information.

The width (long dimension) of the camera must be less than 12.5 cm to fit on the tray.