Hull penetrator

$6.00 to $9.00

Price includes US shipping.

Steel or brass

A set of parts to make a hull piercing port so wires can connect through a waterproof container. A microcontroller (e.g., a Nano Data Logger or Mini Pearl Logger) can be housed in a waterproof vessel and wires can be passed through this port to sensors, a power supply, or antenna, etc.

Each set includes one threaded 3/8 inch pipe (2 inches long), two neoprene washers (3/8" I.D.), two metal washers (3/8" I.D.), and two nuts. Select above a steel or brass set:

  Steel set Brass set
Pipe and 2 nuts zinc-plated steel brass
2 soft washers neoprene neoprene
2 metal washers stainless steel copper

Some waterproof grease could be added to the threads to enhance the waterproofing. The inside of the pipe must be filled with epoxy or silicone sealant around the wires to waterproof the port.

The pipe nipples and nuts are lamp parts and have non-standard threads (27 threads/inch).

Read more about using these parts here: