Nano Logger Kit


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This kit can be quickly assembled into a data logger which will save temperature and barometric pressure data to a microSD card. It comes complete with everything needed to start logging data (batteries not included). The parts snap together so no soldering is required. A program is loaded on the Arduino Nano and will begin running and saving data as soon as the logger is turned on. This sketch can be downloaded here.

The data logger consists of an Arduino Nano and a shield which plugs into the Nano. The shield includes a slot for a microSD card (a 1GB, 2GB, or 4GB card is included) and a real time clock (DS1307) so all data saved has an accurate time stamp. A coin cell battery for the clock is included.

A battery case for four AA or AAA batteries is included. It has an on/off switch and wires to connect to the screw terminals on the logging shield. Data can be logged continually for about two days on four batteries (not included). The logger can also be powered with the included mini USB cable from a computer or the included DC adapter (phone charger, supplies 5v from wall power). For long-term operation on battery power, one of the Mini Pearl Loggers ( e.g., Mini Pearl Snap) is a better choice.

A BMP280 sensor (3.3 volt operation only) is included for measuring the barometric pressure and temperature. Other sensors on this page can be included with your order. Many sensors can be connected to one data logger. The Nano Data Logger will work with either 3.3 volt or 5 volt sensors. Most of the sensors available there are I2C sensors and each requires four wires to connect to the logger. Each I2C sensor comes with its own four-wire cable. 

To connect more than two sensors at a time, a splitter or hub is required. 

This logger is open source and like all Arduino based devices can be easily modified by adding additional sensors, LCD displays, indicator lights, relays, etc. The program loaded on the Arduino Nano can be easily modified and expanded using the free Arduino IDE. The easy solder-free connections make it possible to quickly try different configurations of sensors, indicators, and sketches while collecting real data with a reasonably sturdy device. 

A guide to assembly and use of the Nano Logger can be downloaded here. Examples of how this data logger is used are at Public Lab. Feel free to post comments on those research notes if you have questions about the Nano Logger.


Included with this kit:

  • Logging shield for Arduino Nano
  • Arduino Nano compatible microcontroller
  • BMP280 sensor for barometric pressure and temperature (3.3v only)
  • MicroSD card (1GB to 4GB)
  • Switched case for four AA or AAA batteries
  • AC-DC converter, supplies 5 volts from wall power
  • USB type A to mini USB power/data cable
  • 20 cm four-wire cable with single female DuPont connectors on both ends 
  • CR1220 coin cell battery for real time clock