Aerobee Rig Kit


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The Aerobee Rig has an adjustable aluminum frame and can accommodate a wider range of camera sizes than the Redstone Rig. The camera can be securely attached in landscape or portrait mode at any angle. An experimental escapement mechanism (the JerkPan) allows the camera to pan 360° without batteries or motors. Like all KAPtery rigs, it can be flown under a Picavet or pendulum suspension (the JerkPan works best with a pendulum). 

To ensure that the camera points straight down for mapping photos, the rig can be balanced with large or small cameras by choosing one of two attachment points for the suspension shaft, and also by adjusting a sliding frame connector. 

Three lengths of PET tubing are included for protecting the camera. Many configurations are possible for different camera sizes and orientations. Generally the Redstone Rig provides better camera protection by default than does the Aerobee Rig.

A bracket to attach an action camera (e.g., GoPro) is included. The bracket attaches to the camera tray with the supplied 1/4-20 tripod screw.

The Aerobee was designed for use with a pendulum suspension, and the JerkPan works best with a pendulum. A Picavet suspension can also be used with the Aerobee. No suspension is included with the basic Aerobee Rig Kit, but package discounts can be selected above including a Picavet Kit or Pendulum.

The Aerobee Rig Kit requires assembly which takes 30 minutes with small Phillips and straight screwdrivers.

Assembly instructions and a parts list are at the Guides page.

Weight: 149 grams (with two PET tubing loops)

The video below describes some of the features of the Aerobee Rig.