Picavet Kit


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This build-it-yourself kit includes the Picavet cross and all the hardware for making a Picavet suspension. All parts are pre-drilled so assembly is easy and quick.

It attaches easily to the Redstone, Aerobee, or Titan 2 rigs (but by itself has no easy way  to attach a camera).

The Picavet has two clip-on attachment points to the kite line about five feet apart, and the Picavet lines pass through four eyes on the Picavet cross. These multiple attachments reduce rotation of the rig and swinging of the rig along the axis of the kite line. The three inch shaft between the cross and the rig acts as a moment arm and allows the mass of the camera to level the rig. The star on the top of the Picavet cross allows the attached rig to be pointed in any of 15 directions.

Includes two stainless steel KAP-snaps for securing the Picavet lines to the kite line, 30 feet of 50 pound braided Dacron line, and all other hardware. No drilling required.

Assembly and use instructions are here.

Assembly time: 1 hour

The Picavet is also available in a more easily assembled version.

Weight: 80 grams.