Wratten 87 filter


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This piece of polyester filter material passes near infrared light longer than 720 nm and passes almost no visible light. The 2 cm by 2 cm square is large enough to convert four typical small Canon PowerShot or other small point and shoot cameras so that they capture pure infrared photos. If the camera's internal IR block filter (typically 8 mm by 9 mm) is replaced with a piece of this filter, only infrared light will reach the sensor. After removing the IR block filter, the Wratten 87 filter can also be placed in front of the lens. Such converted cameras can be used in a dual camera system to capture pairs of normal and infrared photos for producing NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) and false color infrared images for landscape and vegetation analysis. The IR photos they take are also beautiful in their own right. Learn more about using this filter here.

In the drop down above add a small screwdriver with a Phillips 000 head for removing the external and internal screws of Canon PowerShots and other cameras.

A pure near infrared photo taken by a Canon PowerShot S95 with the internal IR block filter replaced with a piece of polyester Wratten 87 filter.