Redstone S100

$222.00 to $243.00

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This is a ready-to-fly package with an excellent KAP camera. The rig includes either a Picavet or pendulum suspension (choose suspension above) and is fully prepared and configured. A used Canon PowerShot S100 12 megapixel camera is included.  

The camera includes a 4 GB SD card with CHDK installed so it can begin taking photos every eight seconds with a single extra button push (the interval is easily adjusted). CHDK runs when the camera is powered on and is configured for interval shooting. Instructions are provided for modifying the settings. The rig has been customized for the Canon S100 so the camera is held securely and perfectly balanced under the suspension.

This package includes everything in the Redstone Rig Kit and the Picavet or Pendulum Kit (either suspension clips in easily). All drilling, measuring, gluing, and lacing has been done so you can be flying in 15 minutes.

The Canon S100 camera included in this rig has a superb feature set for kite and balloon photography, perhaps the best of any PowerShot model:

  • 1/1.7" sensor (72% larger area than most small PowerShots for less noise and better light sensitivity)
  • CMOS sensor (less noise at higher ISO, so fast shutter speeds do not require maximum aperture, so photos are sharper)
  • Shutter priority mode reduces motion blur (lock shutter speed at 1/800 second and aperture is automatically adjusted for correct exposure)
  • Manual focus (lock focus on infinity)
  • Crisp, fast lens (f/2.0 at the wide end) with iris diaphragm
  • Custom preset (save all the settings for aerial shots and return to them anytime)
  • Native camera RAW
  • Built in GPS (each photo records the lat., lon., and elevation of the camera for auto placement on maps or structure from motion)
  • Digic V processor (fast and smart)
  • Proprietary battery (included, with charger, reduces weight)
  • Aluminum body (most small PowerShots are plastic)

I purchased this camera used. It is in excellent condition and has been thoroughly tested and configured for aerial photography.

Typical flying weight with battery: 400 grams.

Below is an example of a kite photo taken by a PowerShot S100 on a KAPtery Rig.

A photo taken by a PowerShot S100 on a KAPtery rig suspended from a kite line. Click to see an image with about 1/3 of the resolution of the original photo.