Juno Pole Bracket Kit

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The Juno Pole Bracket allows cameras to be attached to the top of a Ron Thompson Gangster Carp Pole. The carp pole has seven sections for a total length of 10.7 meters (35 ft). The Juno bracket can be used with five or six of the sections for a pole height of 8.1 or 9.4 m (26.6 or 30.8 feet, or shorter by removing lower sections).

An option above includes two additional larger clamps for 17mm diameter poles. Bushings to reduce the ID to 13mm and longer bolts and nuts are also included. The standard ~14 mm ID clamps are also included in this option. The two standard clamps are slightly different diameters to accommodate the pole taper. The two 17mm clamps are both the same size.

The standard clamps fit poles with diameters of 8.5mm and 14mm,  and the optional larger clamps fit poles with diameters of 13mm and 17mm.

The camera tray adjusts and locks at any angle for different types of aerial scene capture (stills or video). The camera tray has several 1/4" holes for mounting the camera with a thumb screw (included) into the tripod socket. 

The carp pole slides snugly into two clamps which grip the tapered pole on the end where it has been reinforced with additional fiber and epoxy (approx. 14mm diameter). Bushings (included) fit into the clamps to allow the smaller (2nd smallest) section of the carp pole to fit.

A bracket to attach an action camera (e.g., GoPro) is included. The bracket attaches to the camera tray with the supplied 1/4-20 tripod screw.

The Juno Pole Bracket is 3D printed from PLA. The kit is easy to assemble (requires a small Phillips head screwdriver and pliers). All hardware is included.

Assembly instructions are at the Guides Page.

Weight: 65 grams

Below is a 3.5 minute video featuring the Juno bracket being used to document deer grazing.