$3.50 to $22.00

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Prices for these data logging accessories include US shipping, so they can be ordered separately from other products. 


lcd_20170511-8882.jpgLCD display:  $9.50  A two line by 16 character LCD to display sensor results in real time. Bright blue backlight and white letters. Includes attached backpack PCB which converts the display to an I2C device. Includes 10 cm four-wire cable with DuPont connectors. No soldering required. 5 volt operation only. Tutorial for similar module. Research notes at Public Lab. Here are more details.


skypod_20170414-8001.jpgu-blox NEO-7M GPS: $22.00   This GPS breakout board and antenna can provide latitude, longitude, and elevation information to add to your logged data. Either 3.3 volt or 5 volt operation. Research notes Free GPS software for windows


sensors_20170729-0213.jpgScrew-terminal shield:  $4.00  An Arduino Nano or Pro Mini can be seated in the headers and the pins will be connected to screw-terminals. Connections to other devices can then be made without soldering by inserting wires into the terminals and tightening with a screwdriver. The pin labels are for an Arduino Nano, but most are also correct for the Pro Mini. Four pins on the Pro Mini will not connect to terminals, but it is very handy for prototyping with either the Nano or Pro Mini. Ed Mallon's post


sensors_20170729-0235ps.jpgUART adapter cable: $5.50  FTDI FT232RL USB to TTL Serial Converter. The Arduino Pro Mini does not have a USB port, so a device like this is needed to load programs onto the Pro Mini. A 6-wire DuPont cable is included to connect the pins on the Pro Mini with the UART adapter pins. A USB cable is included to connect the adapter to your computer. Either 3.3v or 5v operation via jumper.


nanolog_20170430-8359.jpgI2C hub: $8.00 A DIY hub for connecting up to five I2C sensors or devices to the Nano Logger. Without a device like this, only one sensor can be connected to the Nano Data Logger without soldering. Includes a 20 cm four-wire cable with female DuPont connectors.


3 AA Battery case: $3.50  An enclosed case with on/off switch for 3 AA batteries. For 3.3 volt loggers.


4 AA Battery case:  $3.50  An enclosed case with on/off switch for 4 AA batteries. For 3.3 or 5 volt loggers.


3 AAA Battery case:  $3.50  An enclosed case with on/off switch for 3 AAA batteries. For 3.3 volt loggers.