Redstone Rig featured in Smith Journal

smith.jpgSmith Journal is a quarterly Australian magazine which takes "unexpected, interesting, funny and sometimes complicated stories and tells them the way you would to a bunch of friends at the pub."

Each issue they feature a variety of products that readers might want to buy especially if they really like to buy things that most other people have not yet bought. 

The current glossy issue includes the KAPtery's Redstone Rig Kit in the list of potentially desirable consumer goods. Their blurb about it (below) is not really a description of the Redstone Rig but a paean to Public Lab where you can buy one.



Once, to map the world, you
needed a monarch with extensive
colonial holdings to supply
you with a world-spanning
assignment, a large sailing ship,
and a crew. Now you need a
system of multi-million-dollar
global positioning satellites
crisscrossing the globe. Surely
there has to be a cheaper way to
see what the world looks like from
above? As luck would have it, there
is, and it might be in your closet.
The Public Lab sells a range of
aerial mapping and photography
products that can turn kites,
balloons, drones or humble poles
into vehicles for getting digital
cameras up where no selfie stick
can go – including cheap solutions
for camera automation. Getting
high never felt so cartographic. KD

Not only the Redstone Rig, but all of the KAPtery rig kits are now available at the Public Lab Store. The Public Lab Store ships just about everywhere in the world, so it is much easier to get things shipped internationally from there. Although the KAPtery also does international shipping, you must contact us first to find out how much it costs. I look forward to the orders rolling in from Down Under.

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