Preparing for spring

With a Roar

The inventory on March 11. Part of Me wanted to make a time-lapse video as I added each day's contribution. 
Exactly two months ago I started printing Redstone Rigs so I would be sure to have enough on hand if Katy Perry tweeted about them. I’m pretty sure she has not mentioned The KAPtery yet because the rigs are still accumulating. Building plastic parts by extruding 200 micron layers is not speedy, but the MakerBot Replicator has been running every day since January 25. The average machine time per day has been 9.8 hours during the last two months. It has clocked 592 new hours.

The Makerbot has not missed a day since January 25. That's Unconditionally reliable.
When I had a pile of 20 Redstone Rigs on February 21, I switched to Titan 2 Rigs and it took three weeks to print 10 of those. Then two weeks ago I switched back to Redstone Rigs and have been able to print almost one every day. The printer has been performing well, and only about 5% of the parts are failed or imperfect. Some of the cosmetically imperfect prints are included in bargain package deals under Specials.

The parts for 14 Titan 2 Rigs including a Double Rainbow of dual-camera trays. 
There has been down time for minor maintenance or upgrades, but only a few hours at a time. This endeavor has been facilitated by the coldest February ever in parts of Vermont. Then March was colder than most Februarys, so I have not strayed far from the printer. When spring arrives, it will not be so easy to keep print jobs running all the time. So it is good to be prepared just in case @katyperry decides to grace the #KAPtery.

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