Landfill panoramas

I brought a kite to a workshop on balloon aerial photography last Friday. Sara Wylie was introducing Public Lab's balloon mapping method at the recently retired landfill at Bristol, VT. While the balloon was drifting over the landfill, I launched the Fled and sent up a Saturn V Rig with PowerShot S100. The rig captured 1000 photos in 50 minutes, and I was able to stitch an orthophoto from 31 nadir photos and a spherical panorama from 21 photos. I posted notes with lots of information about the stitched images at Public Lab here and here.

Stereographic projection of a spherical panorama captured by a Saturn V Rig and S100 over the Bristol landfill.

Below is the full resolution spherical panorama in an interactive spherical viewer. To view it full screen click the icon at lower right.


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