A standard length for camera trays

Redstone = Titan 2

The upper frame of the Titan 2 Rig now fits the trays from the Redstone Rig (left) as well as the big dual-camera tray (right).
The newest versions of KAP rig models at my Thingiverse repository fix an issue that should never have been an issue. The upper frames of the Redstone Rig and Titan 2 Rig have been different widths since the beginning. So you could not use a single camera Redstone tray on a Titan 2 frame. I thought I had designed the Titan 2 dual camera tray to completely fill the build platform of the Makerbot Replicator 1, and that made it several mm narrower than the trays for the Redstone Rig. I could have made the Redstone Rig smaller to match the Titan 2, but it was already a tight fit for some cameras. So the two rigs have been incompatible, even though it would have been handy for Titan 2 users to swap in a single camera tray for some flights.

The Titan 2 dual-camera tray is about as wide an object as will fit on the Replicator build platform. Make sure those corners cannot curl up!

Recently I tried enlarging the Titan 2 tray and found that there was indeed a little more space on the build platform. It pushes the limits, and I assume the temperature of the plate is not as high right at the edges which could compromise adhesion to the plate. But the printing seems to go well when I put plenty of glue stick at the corners. So I enlarged the upper frame which is now the same width as the Redstone frame. The two frames still differ in another dimension which makes the Titan 2 frame sturdier (it has to support two cameras).  I considered standardizing on just one upper frame for both rigs, but that would make the Redstone Rig heavier, so the upper frames are still distinct.

All of these trays will fit on a Titan 2 Rig frame (if it's a recent frame from 2015 or later) as well as on a Redstone Rig frame.

The advantage of the new width standard is that Titan 2 users can easily turn their two-camera rig into a single-camera rig by installing a Redstone tray. In fact, every Titan 2 Rig sold here includes a single camera tray in addition to the big dual camera tray.  So in effect, when you buy a Titan 2 Rig, you also get a Redstone Rig.

If you print your own Titan 2 tray, make sure the corners are well adhered to the build platform. The part probably cools fast at the far corners of the platform, and a couple of mine have curled up which can make the tray unusable (the tray lip becomes curved and it’s then hard to mount the cameras so they are pointed in the same direction).  Two of the three camera platforms on a curled tray are still usable, so maybe these Titan 2 trays will be in a KAPtery seconds sale some day.

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