Narrow Tray


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Most small point & shoot cameras will fit on this tray and be well balanced. The tray has raised lips front and back, so the camera must fit between them. At the camera's base, the front to back dimension can be up to 3 cm. The camera should be mounted firmly against the rear lip. A hole must be drilled aligned with the tripod socket of your camera. The front lip makes the tray reversible, so a second hole can be drilled for cameras with different tripod socket locations. Lips are 4 mm high.

The length of the tray is 14 cm and will fit all Redstone Rig upper frames and 2015 or later Titan 2 Rig frames. The width (long dimension) of the camera must be less than 12.5 cm to fit on the tray.

Weight: 30 grams