JST ph 2-pin connectors

$5.00 to $9.00

Price includes US shipping.


Three pairs of JST ph 2-pin connectors. Three male and three female connectors. The male connector has 5.5 inch wires. The Riffle uses this connector for external (e.g., battery) power. However, these male connectors do not fit perfectly into the female connector on the Riffle. I had to carve off a little of the white plastic to make it fit. 

An option above includes a battery case for 4 AAA batteries along with three JST male-female pairs of connectors. The male connector wires can be soldered onto the battery case wires. Four AAA alkaline batteries provide 6v which is the top of the range (3.5v to 6v) for the Riffle. Four AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries provide 4.8v to 5.2v. The case includes an on/off switch.