900' of 150 lb line

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900 feet (274 m) of 150 pound test braided polyester line on a nine inch hoop winder. This line will fly medium to large kites and lift camera rigs in light to medium winds (7 to 25 mph). 

150 pound line is considered by many KAPers to be the lightest general purpose line for kite photography and is a good choice for winds less than about 20 mph. For stronger winds, 200 pound or heavier line is recommended for lifting cameras. The line is high quality, tightly braided polyester (Dacron is DuPont's brand of polyester) and is highly resistant to routine abrasion.

The line is wound on a 9 inch ABS Shanti Hoop winder which is standard gear for kite aerial photographers.

The line is attached to the winder with a noose so it can be removed and connected to additional lengths of line for higher altitude kite or balloon flying. 

Line diameter is 1.4 mm. Line color is brown. Winder color is red.